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Throughout the years, we have expanded our business in training provider to cater to the training need of safety, health and environment for the industry in Malaysia. We offer perfection in the training to make sure the knowledge transferred. Every minute of our training, we think of making it better, unique and more quality.

We do not only emphasize the content to have the best content that everyone needs, but we also strive on every detail to make it one of a kind experience. Every training we do, we want each of every participant to get the knowledge that they need, and experience that they want.

Our trainers are highly experienced in their respective fields and they have extensive business expertise to help you and your organization. Our trainers identified based on their professional qualifications with relevant industry knowledge as well as training experience.

The training that we conduct;

1. Authorised Entrance Standby Person (AESP)

2. Oil & Gas Safety Passport (OGSP)

3. Safe Handling of Chemical Hazardous to Health

4. Awareness & Introduction of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

5. Joint Integrity (JIT)

6. Bolted Flange Joint Assembly